When planning a home, wedding, event or experience, we often think about what it will look like, what people will eat or drink, what it will sound like and how it will feel.

For a wedding we often think about;

the venue and what it looks like, the flowers, the dresses and suits,

we consider the music, band, DJ, speeches,

we sample the wines and food menus

and we even think about the textures that surround us from invites through to considering keeping people warm in the evenings with blankets.

So often we over look such a simple thing like the smell of a day, but more so, how those special moments can always take us back to the way something smelt at that specific moment.

This is what we wanted to create.

Either, a moment from your past that you want to share with everyone around you. Or wanting to create a new moment to share with your friends and family for years to come.

Always remembering the special moment you shared with your family and friends, to turn that moment, into more than a moment.


Candle packages can be tailored to your precise needs with a professional, yet personal approach.

You can sample the scented candles by purchasing from our shop. These are full size and exactly the same as you would receive in your package.

We have a range of carefully curated seasonal scents to choose from.

A standard package consists of a minimum order of 12 candles, standard scent options and labelling.

You can add more candles, customise your scents and/or labelling for additional cost - we can quote you for this on a personal basis.

For our candle package orders, we ask for you to fill in an enquiry form. Once you have submitted your enquiry (please include as much detail about yourselves as you can) we like to chat with you to help you choose from the range of scents we offer or if appropriate create something completely custom that will suit you and your day. Prices for a custom scent package can start from an additional £4 per candle.

Our standard labelling can be seen in our product imagery. If you would like, we can personalise your labelling with your names, event venue, event dates and customised scents - what ever you would like. Prices for custom labelling can start from an additional £3 per candle.

If you aren't sure what you want - that's absolutely fine. That's what we are here for.

We can't wait to speak with you to get to know you, your guests, the type of event, your venue, your style and much more.

We offer full size candles for you to burn at home to help you make your decision when selecting the scent for your special celebration. If you purchase any of our full size samples to help your decision making, we will deduct a maximum of £40 from your final balance, depending on how many samples purchased. Please ask if you have any questions on this.