The idea for More Than A Moment came about when we were thinking back about those special moments in our lives, such as holidays, parties and just life in general, that you could be taken straight back to how you felt in that moment, purely by a smell.

How incredible is it that a simple smell can take you straight back to that first holiday in Spain surrounded by citrus trees, or the smell of the pie that Grandma used to make every time you went to visit, or even the warm summer evenings in the garden with friends drinking a glass of wine.

I wanted to create a product that could be there in these moments, with you, so they become more than a moment, and can be relived again and again - by being taken back to that moment in simply burning a candle.

We specialise in creating customised scented candle packages for weddings and events.

When trying to plan all the personal details for my wedding during 2019 - this concept of certain special scents and smells was such a strong aspect of our planning. We wanted to create an environment that everyone would enjoy and remember forever. We thought about how incredible it would be if we could have a wedding scent that would fill our day, that whenever our guests smelled it in the future, they would remember sharing that special day with us. We found it difficult to find great quality scents that would fill the room along with luxurious, tasteful packaging whilst also coming at a reasonable cost.

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What Our Customers Say

Absolutely love the Ceylon, Clove & Orange scent.

So many complements when I burn this at home. It fills the room so well and is so luxurious.

No problems with the burn and cant wait for next Winter to order more and give as gifts!

Thank you so much More Than A Moment. x


Really wanted to try the Reunion fragrance but was out of stock. I got in touch and it was made and delivered within 2 weeks!! Fab service.

Bought for at home. Left downstairs to burn and walked down to incredible scent that filled the whole room. So lovely and couldn't wait to purchase again.


My friend had these candles at their wedding and they were just incredible. Smelled great and I heard so many complements. I couldn't wait to book to have this at our wedding.

Found it so difficult to pick between the two scents so I was so grateful we had the help when choosing a custom scent.



Our original spring/summer scent. A blend of bergamot, vibrant orange and green jasmine. Combined with a touch of warm amber and vanilla and hints of coconut and almond.

Scented Candles
Scented Candles


Light and fresh - great for spring, summer and early autumn.

Blackberries, ripe grapefruit, vetiver, cedarwood and bay leaf.


Beautiful spring and summer flowers in bloom; peonies, jasmine, rose.

Extremely luxurious.

Scented Candles
Scented Candles


Great all all year round.

A green herbal blend. Blush figs and juicy cassis with the woody base of fig leaf, cedarwood and pine.


A wonderful combination of warm cinnamon, citrus orange and lemon followed by cloves, ginger and sensual woods.


A fabulous crowd pleaser that never fails to please.

Scented Candles